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Control and Systems
Engineering Research Laboratory


The mission of the Control and Systems Engineering Research Center (CASE) is the development of methods and systems and the transfer of technology to enable process industry to operate their plants in the best possible way using Also known asÊ Process Control Engineering Research Laboratory, CASE is established in 1991. Initially, CASE was supported by Chulalongkorn Unit Cell and Academic Unit Projects, With the other supports from NECTEC, ASAHI GLASS FOUNDATION, and NRCT led to the increasing number of graduate students admitted yearly to the Control and Systems Engineering Research Center, from 3 in 1991 to 38 students at present and the staff initially from 1 to 5. Since established, there are more than 80 graduate students from the center. They are now working in various industries in Thailand and aboard.

Research Interest

Advanced Process Control
Process Operation and Optimization
Industrial Process Control
Estimation and Process Identification
Process Intensification
Model Predictive Process Control Theory and Applications
Integrating Process Design and Control


Department of Chemical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
254 Payathai Road, Pathumwan Bangkok, 10330

Telephone 662.218.6887
Fax 662.218.6877
Email Paisan.K@chula.ac.th


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Srirachat, W., Wannachod, T., Pancharoen, U., Kheawhom, S. Effect of polarity and temperature on the binary interaction between D2EHPA extractant and organic solvents (kerosene, n-heptane, chlorobenzene and 1-octanol): Experimental and thermodynamics. 2017. Fluid Phase Equilibria 434 , 117-129.