Department of Chemical Engineering at Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University Advantage

Being the Department of Chemical Engineering at Chulalongkorn University has added another dimension of advantages for the students in terms of the richness of academic life and learning experiences. Chulalongkorn University as the oldest and most prestigious university in the country offers a unique university life with its various activities. Its position in the center of the capital of learning makes access to all important knowledge infrastructure and cultural activities within easy reach. The basic goals of the university are to break new ground, search for, uphold and transmit knowledge along with ethical values to university graduates. The large bodies of students in eighteen faculties and a number of schools open the students to the network of life that would last into their working careers. As the first institution of higher learning in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University has evolved largely in response to the changing needs and requirements of the country and its people. Experiences at Chulalongkorn University will be added advantage for students in their careers.

Undergraduate Program and Admission

Faculty of Engineering offers the programs leading to Bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Survey Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Computer Engineering. The student is required to select a program of study after he/she has conpleted his/her second semester. All the students follow the common program shown below.
The total number of credits for graduation from The Faculty of Engineering must not less than specified by the department. Each undergraduate is required to undertake a minimum of six weeks practical training in industry as the part of the course 2100301 Engineering Practice before graduation. Work in the laboratory is also brought into sharper focus by the final year project. The project work, which is aimed at providing the student with experience similar to those of practicing engineers, is a compulsory course of all departments.



To be eligible for admission to Faculty of Engineering an applicant must meet the following requirements :

- He/she must hold a Mathayom Suksa 6 certificate of a High School or other equivalent which the University recognises as begin acceptable.

- He/she must have passed the competitive entrance examination held annually by the University Entrance Examination Board.


  • Course Subject Credits
    2103106 Engineering Drawing 3
    2301107 Calculus I 3
    2302127 General Chemistry 3
    2302163 General Chemistry Laboratory 1
    2304103 General Physics I 3
    2304183 General Physics Laboratory I 1
    5500111 Experiential English I 3
  • Course Subject Credits
    2100111 Exploring Engineering World 3
    2109101 Engineering Materials 3
    2110101 Computer Programming 3
    2301108 Calculus II 3
    2304104 General Physics II 3
    2304184 General Physics Laboratory II 1
    5500112 Experiential English II 3
  • Course Subject Credits
    2103213 Engineering Mechanics I 3
    2105220 Chemistry for Chemical Engineering 3
    2105221 Chemistry for Chemical Engineering Laboratory 1
    2105222 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I 3
    2105261 Chemical Production Industries 3
    2105262 Chemical Engineering Principles 3
    5500208 Communication and Presentation Skill 3
  • Course Subject Credits
    2103231 Mechanics of Materials I 3
    2105223 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II 3
    2105230 Chemical Engineerig Mathematics I 3
    2105251 Unit Operations I 3
    XXXXXXX General Education 3
    XXXXXXX General Education 3
  • Course Subject Credits
    2105331 Chemical Engineering Mathematics II 3
    2105332 Chemical Engineering Statistics 3
    2105352 Unit Operations II 3
    2105356 Unit Operation Laboratory I 1
    2105373 Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reactor Design 3
    5500308 Technical Writing for Engineering 3
    XXXXXXX General Education 3
  • Course Subject Credits
    2105301 Chemical Engineering Seminar I 1*
    2102391 Electrical Engineering I 3
    2102392 Electrical Engineering Laboratory I 1
    2105333 Transport Phenomena 3
    2105353 Unit Operation III 3
    2105357 Unit Operation Laboratory II 1
    2105477 Computer Application in Chemical Engineering 3
    XXXXXXX General Education 3
  • Course Subject Credits
    2100301 Engineering Practice 2
  • Course Subject Credits
    2105362 Chemical Process Economic Assessment 3
    2105458 Unit Operation Laboratory III 1
    2105464 Chemical Process Design 3
    2105472 Process Dynamics and Control 3
    2105480 Safety in Chemical Operations 3
    2105491 Chemical Engineering Project I 1
    xxxxxxx Free Elective 3
  • Course Subject Credits
    2105402 Chemical Engineering Seminar II 1*
    2105463 Chemical Engineering Processes 3
    2105465 Chemical Engineering Plant Design 3
    2105482 Environmental Chemical Engineering 3
    2105498 Chemical Engineering Project II 3
    21054XX Approved Elective 3
    XXXXXXX Free Elective 3

    *Credits are not counted for graduation

  • Course Subject Credits
    2105428 From Agri-waste to Wealth 3
    2105430 Particle Technology 3
    2105445 Catalyst Reaction Engineering Fundamentals 3
    2105452 Fermentation Processes 3
    2105453 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering 3
    2105466 Natural Gas and Petroleum Oil Conditioning 3
    2105475 Total Productive Management for Chemical Process Industry 3
    2105479 Polymer Engineering 3
    2105488 Nanotechnology for Engineers 3
    2105560 Electrochemical Engineering 3

Total Credits for Graduation

Remark: The first year curriculum is common to all engineering students