Dr. Pimporn Ponpesh

ดร. พิมพ์พร พลเพชร

Research Profile



Ph.D. Biological Systems Engineering, University of California, 2010 B.Sc. Chemical and Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2005

Research Interest

My research focuses on unit design, optimization, and scale up using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling. Research interest includes purification and separation processes, renewable energy production and storage, heat transfer and ventilation systems, and dispersed multiphase flows



Modeling of turbulent multiphase flow in industrial freezers
Design, optimization, and scale up of chromatographic purification process of free lutein
Simulation of mixing tank for production of fruit coating mixture (water-wax)
Simulation of ZnO nanoparticle synthesis in tubular reactor
Simulation of indoor climate inside animal houses
Design and optimization of flow-battery systems and biomass gasification process

Selected Publications