Dr. Siriporn Damrongsakkul

ดร. ศิริพร ดำรงค์ศักดิ์กุล

Research Profile



Ph.D. (Polymer Science), University of London, 1996 M.Sc (Advance Chemical Engineering), University of London, 1992 B.E. in Chemical Engineering Chulalongkorn University, 1990

Research Interest

My research focuses on polymer blends and composites, biodegradable polymers for biomedical applications, property modification of polymer.



Development of Thai silk protein as a biomaterial in tissue engineering and drug delivery applications
Thai silk fibroin, the main protein in Thai silk cocoon, was extracted and fabricated into various forms in order to apply in tissue engineering and drug delivery, for example, Thai silk fibroin-based scaffolds to be used as bone substitutes, microspheres and hydrogels to be used as drug delivery systems.

Selected Publications

Degradation products of crosslinked silk fibroin scaffolds modulate the immune response but not cell toxicity
Jiranuwat Sapudom, Mesayamas Kongsema, Apipon Methachittipan, Siriporn Damrongsakkul, Sorada Kanokpanont, Jeremy C. M. Teo, Mattaka Khongkow, Khaow Tonsomboon and Peerapat Thongnuek
J. Mater. Chem. B, 2023,11, 3607-3616

In vitro biological activities of the flexible and virus nanoparticle-decorated silk fibroin-based films
Jutathip Panchamanee, Chavee Laomeephol, Jittima Amie Luckanagul, Qian Wang, Siriporn Damrongsakkul
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Volume 216, 1 September 2022, Pages 437-445

Hemocompatibility Evaluation of Thai Bombyx mori Silk Fibroin and Its Improvement with Low Molecular Weight Heparin Immobilization
Tanrada Fungmongkonsatean, Jirapas Jongjitwimol, Pussadee Paensuwan, Teonchit Nuamchit, Duangduan Siriwittayawan, Sorada Kanokpanont, Siriporn Damrongsakkul, and Piyanuch Thitiwuthikiat
Polymers 2022, 14(14), 2943

Research Groups