Dr. Piyasan Praserthdam

ดร.ปิยะสาร ประเสริฐธรรม

Research Profile



Dr.Ing. in Chemical Engineering, I.N.S.A. Toulouse, France, 1979 M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of New York, U.S.A., 1976 B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Research Interest

More than 30 years, after the founding of the Center of Excellence on Catalysis and Catalytic Reaction Engineering (CECC), which now consists of 10 faculty members and more than 100 graduate students, I have been involved in the industrial catalyst design which connects the theoretical concepts from academic point of view to the needs of petrochemical industrial reflected through various patents and publications in top-tier journals. The center has hosted various regional and international conferences in catalysis.



The 67 million-baht CAT-REAC industrial project involving Chulalongkorn University and 5 Thai Bio-Circular-Green-focused companies
A Single‐Site Platinum CO Oxidation Catalyst in Zeolite KLTL: Microscopic and Spectroscopic Determination of the Locations of the Platinum Atoms. 2014. Angewandte Chemie International Edition53 (34), 8904-8907

Selected Publications

Anodized TiO2 nanotubes arrays as microbial fuel cell (MFC) electrodes for wastewater treatment: An overview

JS Santos, M Tarek, MS Sikora, S Praserthdam, P Praserthdam
Journal of Power Sources 564, 232872

A novel S-scheme Ws2/BiYWO6 electrostatic heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic degradation performance towards the degradation of Rhodamine B

T Bavani, P Sasikala, S Arumugam, A Malathi, P Praserthdam, …
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 30 (12), 34468-34480

Research Groups