Dr. Pattaraporn Kim-lohsoontorn

ดร. ภัทรพร คิม-โล่ห์สุนทร

Research Profile



Ph.D. Imperial College London

Research Interest

My research focuses on CO2 conversion to higher value products such as methanol, other chemicals, and carbon products. Research interest includes electrochemical devices for energy  applications, with a particular focus on fuel cells and electrolyzer.



Techno-economic analysis of low temperature and pressure thermochemicalCO2 conversion to methanol
Thermally self-sustained double reactor coupling hydrogen production from glycerol reforming and methanol production from carbon dioxide and generated hydrogen
Development of metal-foam-supported solid oxide electrolysis cell for hydrogen production from steam electrolysis
Co-electrolysis of steam/carbon dioxide electrolysis for syngas production and proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cell

Selected Publications