Dr. Paravee Vas-Umnuay

ดร. ปารวี วาศน์อำนวย

Research Profile



Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), Oregon State University, USA., 2013 M.S. (Chemical Engineering), Oregon State University, USA., 2008 B.Eng. (Chemical Engineering), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 2006

Research Interest

My research focuses on the area of fabrication of nanomaterials for a variety of solar energy-related applications. The main research studies focus on 1) Fabrication of various nanostructured materials, 2) Control of associated parameters in order to achieve desired morphology and structure of the obtained product, and desired optical and electrical properties of the materials, and 3) Development of solar energy conversion into other forms of energy, e.g. heat and electricity, and as a photocatalyst based on fabricated nanomaterials.



Synthesis of nanoparticles, nanochains, nanotubes, quantum dots, and thin films based on solution-based processes
Morphology and structure-controlled fabrication of nanomaterials
Integration of nanomaterials in solar energy-related applications e.g. solar cells, solar selective coatings, and photocatalyst

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