Dr. Muenduen Phisalaphong

ดร. เหมือนเดือน พิศาลพงศ์

Research Profile



Ph.D (Chemical Engineering), Colorado State University, USA, 1996-1999 M.Sc (Chemical Engineering), Lehigh University, USA, 1994-1996 B.Sc (Biotechnology), Kasetsart University, Thailand, 1982-1986

Research Interest

My research focuses on the natural polymer processing and surface modification. Research interest includes technologies/processes for the development of biomaterials/biopolymer composites for applications in biomedical areas, green catalysis, agriculture, packaging and electronics.



Natural polymer processing and surface modification
Nano-cellulose based biomaterials
Natural rubber composites
Activated carbon from bacterial cellulose as an effective adsorbents and catalyst supports
Biofuel processing technologies

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