Dr. Chonlatep Usaku

ดร.ชลเทพ อุสาคู

Research Profile



  • 2016 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering), Imperial College London 
  • 2010 Master of Science (M.Sc., Advanced Chemical Engineering with Process Systems Engineering, Distinction), Imperial College London 
  • 2008 Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng, Chemical Engineering, 1st Class Honours), Chulalongkorn University

Research Interest

My research interest is based on bioprocess systems engineering with the aim of maximising and scaling-up of the relevant bioprocesses. It ranges from combined mathematical modelling and experimentation to model-based optimisation, and involves their applications in biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and biorefinery. These include enzymatic reactions and cell culture engineering for production of biologics (e.g. recombinant proteins/antibodies, microalgae, bacteriophages, etc.).



Mechanistic mathematical models for cell cultures/bioprocesses for production of bioactive compounds, biopharmaceuticals, etc. This includes the culture of microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, recombinant protein production, bacteriophages, mammalian cell cultures and so on.
Optimal operating conditions for bioprocesses towards maximizing production of compounds of interest through design of experiment and mathematical model-based optimisation. This include enzymatic reactions (e.g. hydrolysis, esterification/transesterification).

Selected Publications

Usaku, C., Yahya, A. B., Daisuk, P., Shotipruk, A. (2023). Enzymatic esterification/transesterification of rice bran acid oil for subsequent γ-oryzanol recovery. Biofuel Research Journal 10, 1830-1843.

Yahya, A. B., Usaku, C., Daisuk, P., Shotipruk, A. (2023). Enzymatic hydrolysis as a green alternative for glyceride removal from rice bran acid oil before γ-oryzanol recovery: Statistical process optimization. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology 50, 102727.

Tsipa, A., Koutinas, M., Usaku, C., and Mantalaris, A. (2018). Optimal bioprocess design through a gene regulatory network – Growth kinetic hybrid model: Towards replacing Monod kinetics. Metabolic Engineering 48, 129-137. 

García Münzer, D. G., Ivarsson, M., Usaku, C., Habicher, T., Soos, M., Morbidelli, M., Pistikopoulos, E. N., and Mantalaris, A. (2015). An unstructured model of metabolic and temperature dependent cell cycle arrest in hybridoma batch and fed-batch cultures. Biochemical Engineering Journal 93, 260-273. 

Research Groups