Dr. Apinan Soottitantawat

ดร. อภินันท์ สุทธิธารธวัช

Research Profile



D.Eng.Molecular and Biochemical Engineering, Tottori University, Japan, 2005 M.S.Biotechnology, Tottori University, Japan, 2002 B.Eng.(1st Class Honour), Chemical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 1999

Research Interest

My research focuses on
  • Encapsulation process via various techniques, i.e., spry drying inclusion complex,  pickering, emulsion, hydrogel.
  • Chemical process development and scale up: fine chemical, chemicals from biomass and palm oil derivative.
  • Bioactive compounds purification: crystallization, molecular distillation.



Encapsulation-controlled release technology
Powder formation by spray drying
Process scale up(chemical/agriculture-food/pharmaceutical)

Selected Publications


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