Dr. Anongnat Somwangthanaroj

ดร. อนงค์นาฏ สมหวังธนโรจน์

Research Profile



Ph.D. (Macromolecular Science and Engineering), Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2003, M.S. (Macromolecular Science and Engineering), Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1999, B.Sc. (2nd class honours), Materials Science, Chulalongkorn University, 1996,

Research Interest

My research focuses on bioplastic packaging for extending shelf life of fresh produces and processed food, adhesive for electronics industries, nanocomposites, pharmaceutical engineering topics such as cocrystal formation, dispersion of drug particles in a mixer.


Bioplastic packaging
Electronic packaging


Research and development of polypropylene carbonate (PPC)
Development of epoxy adhesive whose properties are suitable for head gimbals assembly process
Reflow encapsulant technology
Bioplastic pouch for solar dried organic banana
PVC/wood composites

Selected Publications

Ball mill-assisted synthesis of NiFeCo-NC as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for rechargeable zinc-air batteries”(vol 922, 166287, 2022)
M Etesami, R Khezri, A Abbasi, MT Nguyen, T Yonezawa, S Kheawhom, …

Bioaugmentation with a defined bacterial consortium: A key to degrade high molecular weight polylactic acid during traditional composting
AN Mistry, B Kachenchart, O Pinyakong, W Assavalapsakul, …
Bioresource Technology 367, 128237

Recent progress of electrocatalysts for hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cells
M Etesami, S Mehdipour-Ataei, A Somwangthanaroj, S Kheawhom
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 47 (100), 41956-41973

Phosphonated graphene oxide-modified polyacrylamide hydrogel electrolytes for solid-state zinc-ion batteries
A Abbasi, Y Xu, E Abouzari-Lotf, M Etesami, R Khezri, S Risse, …
Electrochimica Acta 435, 141365

Research Groups