Dr. Akawat Sirisuk

ดร. อัครวัต ศิริสุข

Research Profile



Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), University of Wisconsin – Madison, Awarded May 2003 B.Eng. (1st Class Honor), (Chemical Engineering), Chulalongkorn University, Awarded March 1993

Research Interest

My research interest involves the synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles (especially TiO2) for several applications as a photocatalyst or a catalyst support. Various techniques, namely, sol-gel, solvothermal, or flame spray pyrolysis can be used for such synthesis. TiO2 is modified so as to achieve better performance in photocatalytic reaction under visible light irradiation. Several photocatalytic applications of TiO2 -based photocatalysts have been investigated, including removal of organic contaminants from water and air and conversion of CO2 to products with higher value. We are also interested in dye-sensitized solar cell that incorporates a thin-film TiO2 electrode.



Sirisuk, A., Hill, Jr., C. G., and Anderson, M. A., “Photocatalytic Degration of Ethylene over Thin Films of TitaniaSupported on Glass Rings”,Catalysis Today, 54 (1999), P. 159-164.
Sirisuk, A., Klansorn, E., and Praserthdam, P., “Effects of reaction medium and crystallite size on Ti3+ surface defects in titanium dioxide nanoparticles prepared by solvothermal method”,CatalysisCommunications, 9 (2008), p. 1810-1814.

Selected Publications