How to apply?
1) Applicants are required to pay an application fee of 1,000 THB through wire transfer.

2) The applicants are required to submit the following documents online.

  • A 1×1 inch portrait photo (in JPEG)
  • A copy of Thai National Identification card or passport (in PDF)
  • A copy of high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate (in PDF)
  • A copy of official transcript (in PDF)
  • A copy of certificate of name change (in PDF) (In case applicant’s name on the applicant’s support documents and application form do not match)
  • An official letter from applicant’s school certifying their current academic status (in PDF) (for those who have yet to complete high school)

3) For students who graduated from international schools in Thailand or overseas (whose GPA (grade point average) is not on 4.0 scale) or wish to submit GED diploma and transcript, it is required to submit the documents as follows:

  • A certified copy of the High School Equivalency Certificate issued by the Council of University Presidents of Thailand’s (CUPT) (in PDF) (Learn more at
  • A converted grade based on the 4.0-scale GPA (Please convert your GPA before submitting) (in PDF)
  • Receipt of application fee (in JPEG)
  • Score reports in 3 categories (in PDF)


Evaluation Criteria

Students will be evaluated based on their proficiency test scores. The scores will be weighted as follows:

  • English proficiency test scores = 20%
  • Mathematics proficiency test scores = 30%
  • Science proficiency test scores = 50%

The ranking of all applicants will be made based on the weighted total score. Each student must also pass the interview with at least 50% of the total interview score.


English Proficiency Test Score

Applicant can submit at least one of the English scores as follows:

  • TOEFL                                          not lower than 80
  • IELTS                                           not lower than 6.0
  • CU-TEP                                       not lower than 80
  • Duolingo English Test            not lower than 105
  • Gaokao English                        not lower than 100


Mathematics Test Score

Applicant can submit at least one of the Mathematics scores as follows:

  • CU-AAT (Math Section)                    not lower than 480
  • A Level Mathematics                        not lower than B

          or Pure Mathematics

         or Further Mathematics                       

  • AP Calculus AB                                  not lower than 3
  • ACT Math                                             not lower than 26
  • IB Mathematics                                 not lower than 6

          (Applications and Interpretations HL or Analysis and Approaches HL)

  • SAT Mathematics section               not lower than 620
  • Gaokao Mathematics                       not lower than 90


Science Test Scores (Physics and Chemistry)

Applicant can submit at least one of the Science scores as follows:

  • CU-ATS (Physics and Chemistry)                  not lower than 800

(both parts combined) (Applicants can choose to submit test results of CU-ATS Physics and Chemistry part from different attempts.)

  • A Level Physics and Chemistry                   not lower than B (each)
  • AP Physics 1 or AP Physics 2                       not lower than 3 (each)

          or C-Mechanics and AP Chemistry           

  • ACT Science                                                       not lower than 25
  • IB Physics HL and Chemistry HL               not lower than 6 (each)
  • Gaokao Physics and Chemistry                  not lower than 60% (each)

* For the Duolingo English Test score, applicants must also send the score to the ChPE program via the system on the Duolingo website within the application period.

* For SAT and AP scores, applicants must also send the official score report to the ChPE program using the college code 9187 (Chulalongkorn University – Chemical Engineering) within the application period.

* For ACT scores, applicants must also send the official score report using the code 3033 (Chulalongkorn University) within the application period.

 *Note:     – Score results are valid for 2 years from the test date.

  • Predicted grades are NOT accepted.
  • Please write “certified true copy” and sign every copy of your documents.

For the Chinese document (Gaokao score report), please submit it in English version translated and certified correct translation by the translator.


Tuition and Program Fees

Thai Student

(Baht per Semester)

Foreign Student

(Baht per Semester)

Tuition fee
– Regular Semester 25,500 25,500
– Summer Semester 6,375 6,375
Program fee
– Regular Semester 84,000 138,000
– Summer Semester 42,000 80,255
– Industrial Training 21,000 59,255



Scholarship Opportunities

For Thai students

  • Full-ride scholarship

Top 5% of each class (2 students) will receive a 100% waiver of program fees.

  • Half-ride scholarship

Top 10% of each class (4 students) will receive a 50% waiver of program fees.

For Foreign students

  • Admitted applicants to the Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Process Engineering (International Program) will be eligible to be considered for this scholarship.
  • The scholarship covers the followings for 4 years of study.
  1. Tuition fee
  2. Program fee
  3. Two one-way tickets to and from the student’s home country and Bangkok. The one-way ticket to return to the student’s home country must be booked and used within one month after the end of the final semester.
  4. Health insurance

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