Dr. Tawatchai Charinpanitkul – Publications

Sano, N., Nakamura, T., Tamon, H., Suntornlohanakul, T., Poonjarernsilp, C., Charinpanitkul, T. Fabrication of carbon nanotube film directly grown on conductive stainless steel film and application to dielectrophoretic nanoparticle capture. 2014. Journal of Applied Physics 115 (15)

Srifa, A., Faungnawakij, K., Itthibenchapong, V., Viriya-empikul, N., Charinpanitkul, T., Assabumrungrat, S. Production of bio-hydrogenated diesel by catalytic hydrotreating of palm oil over NiMoS2/γ-Al2O3 catalyst. 2014. Bioresource Technology 158 , 81-90.

Sano, N., Suntornlohanakul, T., Poonjarernsilp, C., Tamon, H., Charinpanitkul, T. Controlled syntheses of various palladium alloy nanoparticles dispersed in single-walled carbon nanohorns by one-step formation using an arc discharge method. 2014. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (12) , 4732-4738.

Maneeintr, K., Boonpipattanapong, P., Assabumrungrat, S., Charinpanitkul, T. CO2 absorption in a 5M aqueous solution of 2-(diethylamino)ethanol. 2014. Applied Mechanics and Materials 660 , 381-385.

MANEEINTR, K., LUEMUNKONG, T., CHARINPANITKUL, T. Removal of acid gases from biomass-to-liquid process syngas used as raw materials for fischer-tropsch technology. 2014. Nihon Enerugi Gakkaishi/Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 93 (11) , 1227-1231.

Maneeintr, K., Luemunkong, T., Charinpanitkul, T. Vapor-liquid equilibrium of carbon dioxide in a 5M aqueous solution of 2-(Dimethylamino) ethanol. 2014. Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Environmental Management and Engineering, EME 2014 , 148-151.

Nakagawa, K., Sowasod, N., Tanthapanichakoon, W., Charinpanitkul, T. Hydrogel based oil encapsulation for controlled release of curcumin byusing a ternary system of chitosan, kappa-carrageenan, and carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt. 2013. LWT – Food Science and Technology 54 (2) , 600-605.

SOWASOD, N., NAKAGAWA, K., CHARINPANITKUL, T., TANTHAPANICHAKOON, W. Encapsulation of curcumin loaded oil droplets with chitosan based cryogel: Influence of freezing condition on nanocapsule properties. 2013. Food Science and Technology Research 19 (4) , 633-640.

Sowasod, N., Nakagawa, K., Tanthapanichakoon, W., Charinpanitkul, T. Cryogel based oil encapsulation for controlled release of curcumin by using a ternary system of chitosan, Kappa-Carrageenan, and carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt. 2013. Advanced Materials Research 701 , 98-102.

Pansamut, G., Charinpanitkul, T., Biswas, P., Suriyawong, A. Removal of humic acid by photocatalytic process: Effect of light intensity. 2013. Engineering Journal 17 (3) , 25-32.

Tanthapanichakoon, W., Tamon, H., Nakagawa, K., Charinpanitkul, T. Synthesis of porous materials and their microstructural control through ice templating. 2013. Engineering Journal 17 (3) , 1-8.

Phothisantikul, P., Tuanpusa, R., Nakashima, M., Charinpanitkul, T., Matsumura, Y. Effect of CH3COOH and K2CO3 on hydrothermal pretreatment of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes). 2013. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (14) , 5009-5015.

Suttiponparnit, K., Tiwari, V., Sahu, M., Biswas, P., Suvachittanont, S., Charinpanitkul, T. Effect of Pt or Pd doping on stability of TiO2 nanoparticle suspension in water. 2013. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 19 (1) , 150-156.

Triphob, N., Wongsakulphasatch, S., Kiatkittipong, W., Charinpanitkul, T., Praserthdam, P., Assabumrungrat, S. Integrated methane decomposition and solid oxide fuel cell for efficient electrical power generation and carbon capture. 2012. Chemical Engineering Research and Design 90 (12) , 2223-2234.