Dr. Tawatchai Charinpanitkul – Publications

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TAMON, H., SUEOKA, Y., SANO, N., TANTHAPANICHAKOON, W., KHONGPRASARNKALN, P., CHARINPANITKUL, T. Removal of trimethylamine in gas by corona-discharge reactor. 2001. Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan 34 (8) , 1006-1011.

Tanthapanichakoon, W., Suphawita, M., Charinpanitkul, T. Investigation of suitable quantitative indices for the evaluation of additive dispersion in a material matrix using Monte-Carlo simulation. 2000. Advanced Powder Technology 11 (1) , 69-85.

Yarime, M., Tsutsumi, A., Sasaki, A., Charinpanitkul, T., Matsumura, Y., Yoshida, K. Bubble characteristics of circulating three-phase fluidized bed. 1995. Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu 21 (1) , 132-136.