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Separation Technology Research


The research has emphasized on enhancement of selectivity for extracting metal ions with similar charge; i.e. ions of metals in the lanthanide and actinide series which are found in certain parts of the country. Both chemical reaction and simultaneous extraction/stripping have been utilized for the research. Separation of gaseous mixtures with adsorption has also been studied in order to reduce energy consumption of separation processes, especially removal of dilute impurities and relatively low temperature separation. In addition, various adsorbents have been produced from local resources; i.e. volcanic rock and agricultural waste, under appropriate conditions, in particular at low temperature.

Research Interest

Development of hybrid aerobic/anaerobic bioreactor systems for biological wastewater treatment, and bioprocess (e.g. food processing and cell cultivation).
Water resource utilization and reuse


Department of Chemical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Payathai Road, Pathumwan Bangkok, 10330

Telephone 662.218.6891
Fax 662.218.6877
Email ura.p@chula.ac.th


Wongkaew, K., Mohdee, V., Pancharoen, U., Arpornwichanop, A., Lothongkum, A. Separation of platinum(IV) across hollow fiber supported liquid membrane using non-toxic diluents: Mass transfer and thermodynamics. 2017. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 54 , 278-289.

Wongkaew, K., Mohdee, V., Soták, T., Hronec, M., Pancharoen, U., Arpornwichanop, A. The solubility of maleic acid in various inorganic salts and organic solvents: Thermodynamics model and parameters. 2017. Fluid Phase Equilibria 450 , 75-85.

Kunthakudee, N., Pancharoen, U., Fulajtárová, K., Soták, T., Hronec, M., Ramakul, P. Salt effect on the liquid-liquid equilibrium of water-furfuryl alcohol-furfural system at 298.15 K. 2017. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 34 (8) , 2293-2300.

Pirom, T., Wongsawa, T., Wannachod, T., Sunsandee, N., Pancharoen, U., Kheawhom, S. Amoxicillin removal from aqueous solutions using hollow fibre supported liquid membrane: Kinetic study. 2017. Chemical Papers 71 (7) , 1291-1302.

Srirachat, W., Wannachod, T., Pancharoen, U., Kheawhom, S. Effect of polarity and temperature on the binary interaction between D2EHPA extractant and organic solvents (kerosene, n-heptane, chlorobenzene and 1-octanol): Experimental and thermodynamics. 2017. Fluid Phase Equilibria 434 , 117-129.


Dr. Ura Pancharoen
D.Eng.Sc. (NJIT, USA)