Dr. Suphot Phatanasri


Department of Chemical Engineering,
Floor 11, Building 4,
Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Telephone 662.218.6890
Fax 662.218.6877
Email s_phatanasri@yahoo.com
Research Profile https://intranet.eng.chula.ac.th/?q=engprofile/view/262


  • D.Eng. (Hydrocarbon Chemistry), Kyoto University, 1992 

  • M.Eng. (Chemical Engineering), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 1987
  • B.S. (Chemistry), Chiangmai University, 1984

Research Interest

Zeolite catalyst especially MFI type and related compounds


Sunsandee, N., Kunthakudee, N., Chutvirasakul, B., Phatanasri, S., Ramakul, P. Enantioseparation of (S)-amlodipine from pharmaceutical wastewater by hollow-fiber supported liquid membrane: Central composite design and optimization. 2017. Desalination and Water Treatment 72 , 207-215.

Zhou, K., Mousavi, B., Luo, Z., Phatanasri, S., Chaemchuen, S., Verpoort, F. Characterization and properties of Zn/Co zeolitic imidazolate frameworks vs. ZIF-8 and ZIF-67. 2017. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (3) , 952-957.

Sribudda, D., Wannachod, T., Ramakul, P., Pancharoen, U., Phatanasri, S. Separation of mercury and arsenic from produced water via hollow fiber contactor: Kinetic and mass transfer analysis. 2016. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 33 (1) , 197-206.

Wannachod, T., Phuphaibul, P., Mohdee, V., Pancharoen, U., Phatanasri, S. Optimization of synergistic extraction of neodymium ions from monazite leach solution treatment via HFSLM using response surface methodology. 2015. Minerals Engineering 77 , 1-9.

Chaturabul, S., Wannachod, T., Mohdee, V., Pancharoen, U., Phatanasri, S. An investigation of Calix[4]arene nitrile for mercury(II) treatment in HFSLM application. 2015. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 89 , 35-40.

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