Dr. Siriporn Damrongsakkul


Department of Chemical Engineering,
Floor 9, Building 4,
Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Telephone 662.218.6862
Fax 662.218.6877
Email siriporn.d@chula.ac.th
Research Profile https://intranet.eng.chula.ac.th/?q=engprofile/view/253


  • Ph.D. (Polymer Science), University of London, 1996

  • M.Sc (Advance Chemical Engineering), University of London, 1992
  • B.E. in Chemical Engineering Chulalongkorn University, 1990

Research Interest

Biomaterials for medical application
Polymer blends, Property modification of polymers


Atimuttigul, V., Damrongsakkul, S., Tanthapanichakoon, W. Effects of oil type on the properties of short oil alkyd coating materials. 2006. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 23 (4) , 672-677.

Takeshita, H., Shiomi, T., Suzuki, T., Sato, T., Miya, M., Takenaka, K., Wacharawichanant, S., Damrongsakkul, S., Rimdusit, S., Thongyai, S., Taepaisitphongse, V. Miscibility in blends of linear and branched poly(ethylene oxide) with methacrylate derivative random copolymers and estimation of segmental χ parameters. 2005. Polymer 46 (25) , 11463-11469.

Rimdusit, S., Pirstpindvong, S., Tanthapanichakoon, W., Damrongsakkul, S. Toughening of polybenzoxazine by alloying with urethane prepolymer and flexible epoxy: A comparative study. 2005. Polymer Engineering and Science 45 (3) , 288-296.

Damrongsakkul, S., Sinweeruthai, R., Higgins, J. Processability and chemical resistance of the polymer blend of thermoplastic polyurethane and polydimethylsiloxane. 2003. Macromolecular Symposia 198 , 411-419.

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