Dr. Nattaporn Tonanon


Department of Chemical Engineering,
Floor 9, Building 4,
Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Telephone 662.218.6865, 086-6291818
Fax 662.218.6877
Email nattaporn.t@chula.ac.th
Research Profile https://intranet.eng.chula.ac.th/?q=engprofile/view/265


  • D.Eng. (Chemical Engineering), Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, 2007

  • M.Sc. (Macromolecular Science), Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA, 1994 
  • B.Sc. (Materials Science), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 1990

Research Groups

Green Laboratory

Research Interest

Polymer Engineering
Particle Technology and Material Processing
Value adding for Agri-Waste


Mungmart, M., Kijsirichareonchai, U., Tonanon, N., Prechanont, S., Panpranot, J., Yamamoto, T., Eiadua, A., Sano, N., Tanthapanichakoon, W., Charinpanitkul, T. Metal catalysts impregnated on porous media for aqueous phenol decomposition within three-phase fluidized-bed reactor. 2011. Journal of Hazardous Materials 185 (2-3) , 606-612.

Tanthapanichakoon, W., Tonanon, N., Siyasuk, A., Poommarin, P., Thongprachan, N., Charinpanitkul, T. Synthesis and applications of porous carbon materials in Thailand: A review of recent research. 2010. Ceramic Transactions 219 , 213-220.

Yothipitak, W., Goto, M., Tonanon, N., Boonnoun, P., Shotipruk, A. Response surface methodology to supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of essential oil from Amormum krevanh Pierre. 2009. Separation Science and Technology 44 (16) , 3923-3936.

Charinpanitkul, T., Soottitantawat, A., Tonanon, N., Tanthapanichakoon, W. Single-step synthesis of nanocomposite of copper and carbon nanoparticles using arc discharge in liquid nitrogen. 2009. Materials Chemistry and Physics 116 (1) , 125-128.

Chaijitrsakool, T., Tonanon, N., Tanthapanichakoon, W., Tamon, H., Prichanont, S. Effects of pore characters of mesoporous resorcinol-formaldehyde carbon gels on enzyme immobilization. 2008. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 55 (3-4) , 137-141.

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